Recording can take place in a variety of spaces; whether you want to come to the studio to track vocals and guitar, or if you feel more comfortable recording as a full band in your rehearsal space, this can be accommodated.

The philosophy of recording in the space you feel most comfortable is one that has proven itself over and over again when recording bands and artists over the last 15 years. Not constraining yourself to the confines of a studio is a great way to let your creativity flow and immerse yourself in your songs in a familiar environment. However, if you feel that coming to the studio and getting into the zone is the best way for you to capture your best performance, this can be accommodated. The best way is always to discuss this beforehand, and decide mutually on the best way to proceed.

Whether recording in our homely studio or on location, the same pillars still stand. We can provide you with unparalleled attention to detail.

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