At N/A Studios we have a proven track record of taking your demo tracks, no matter how rough or unfinished, and delivering them as a production with full, genre specific instrumentation.

It all starts with a conversation; what is your vision for your music? From there we are able to build a picture of where your demo track currently is and where you would like to take it. Some things to think about when utilising our production services could be:

  • What current artist/artists do you aspire to sound like?
  • What is the feel you are trying to achieve with your final production?
  • Which instruments will you be playing?
  • Which instruments would you like added to your track at the studio?

With the answers to these questions in mind we are able to work together to form a finished product that matches your specification.

Please use the contact section to discuss your project. To see some examples of how productions can be built from a demo, please feel free to visit our YouTube channel.


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