Songs mixed at N/A Studios have received BBC airplay and have been released on a range of physical formats across four continents. Whether your music is to be released on digital streaming platforms or vinyl, we are able to work within the confines of your project and deliver a product that is not only of superb sonic quality, but one that will give you the best possible representation of your work.

Mixing is the point at which the individual instruments that make up your music are combined and turned into a cohesive product. A mix is achieved through a combination of balance, equalisation, dynamics processing and effects to ensure the most clarity possible. When your music is mixed at N/A Studios, the utmost attention is paid to each individual layer to ensure optimum clarity in the songs you have worked hard to produce.

Mixing may extend to elements such as vocal tuning and drum sample replacement, if the production calls for it.

Mixing is carried out at a rate of £150/track. Projects containing more than one track will be subject to a project rate, which can be discussed using the contact section.

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