As a musician, you may find the technical task of preparing your finely crafted songs for release a daunting one. N/A Studios has a proven track record of mastering music for artists both independent and signed, for formats such as streaming, vinyl, CD and cassette tape. Mastering is about taking a mix and listening with objective ears to work out what could be done to elevate the song to the next level. Through listening to your mix through excellent quality studio monitors in an acoustically tuned space, our mastering will provide you with the best possible version of your music that you will be proud to release.

Once you are happy with the mixes you have been delivered, mastering at N/A Studios adds the final polish to your tracks and enables them to sit next to any commercial release. N/A Studios is able to master single tracks or a full release regardless of where the mix has taken place. If the mix has taken place at N/A Studios, we will deliver the audio in the appropriate format. If the material has been mixed elsewhere, You can deliver the file(s) to us following these simple specifications:

  • 24bit WAV or AIFF format
  • The original sample rate that the project was recorded in
  • A reasonable amount of headroom (3dB is fine)
  • No processing

If you have a specific sound in mind that has been created by using master processing, please submit and clearly label one version with and one version with processing for reference.

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