Free Drum Samples

Thanks for taking the time to visit the site! Here you'll find some free drum samples in .tci and .aif format. These are the first of the N/A Studios Snares sample pack to be released.

These are the Pearl 12" x 7" snare samples in three unique tunings.

  • Pearl_12x7_Med is what I would call "standard' tuning for a snare of this size.
  • Pearl_12x7_Crack is a higher tuning.
  • Pearl_12x7_Super_Crack is tuned about as high as the drum would go without choking.

I hope you enjoy these samples and use them in your mixes. If you find these samples useful, please use the contact section below to be notified when the rest of the bundle is released. Include in your message that you're interested in the sample bundle and you'll automatically be added to the list for a 50% discount upon release!


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